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About me

Hi I am Steve, a Berliner and photographer.
I’ve been working for several years with web agency Medienrummel and have been taking pictures for them. I also took part in a group work with Visit Berlin to capture the Berlin Konzerthaus and show Berlin from a different perspective. My passion for photography lies in architecture, street life, urban photography and portraits, as well as illustrating individuals in art scenes.
My goal is to bring my website visitors closer to the the harmony, beauty and colours of the world. Everyday I strive in my work, that viewers would dive deep into the pictures and be inspired by them. Currently I live in Berlin but often travel around the world for various projects.

In my spare time I really enjoy watching films and anime, and especially go crazy about Ghibli Studio.

Architecture photography / Art / Landscapes / Street life photography
Architecture photography / Art / Portrait / Street life photography
Architecture photography / Art / Portrait / Street life photography
Architecture photography / Landscapes / Street life photography